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Recorded February 2013. Drums recorded by Eric Muth. Guitars, bass, and vocals recorded by Address. Mastered by Andy Clarke.


released February 23, 2013

All music written collaboratively by Address.



all rights reserved


Address Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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10/31 @ The Palomino. Gainesville FL, 4PM.

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Track Name: 205
There's a man on my corner,
And he's opening doors for change.
There's a man in a statehouse,
Penning a law to take it away.

We glorify the king, worship the queen,
Denigrate the working hands so wretched and stained.

A risen or rising man,
Wants nothing to do with a falling man.
I've got a sign, I've got a banner.
It reads bite the hand.

So quick to judge, between bread and tax cuts.
When you add it all up, we drink from the same cup.

The need to find an easy enemy.
Track Name: The Fountain
It's a circus, it's a game.
It's a breeding ground for dishonesty
A monument of national shame.
Here we are dressed up to the nines.
Full theatre, empty stage

The color has been stolen.

It's a prayer for the prey.
Searching for truth some truth to this fairy tale,
The secret to a god damn charade.
It's an antidote for the anger,
Soporific, bloodstream, brain.

This water, spring or poison?
And we know it's poison.

Yet we drag our feet to the fountain...again.
And we drink till the thirst is gone,
But the thirst is never gone.
Track Name: Lessened Efforts
It's alright to shake, it's alright to feel.
Sometimes I shake just to know I can feel.
When we start to feel is when we start fighting.

Now you can fall asleep to the sounds of me crashing ever so clear and clean.
Passing through our bedroom where you lie crying while I'm flying high with no clue.

You can find me four days a week beneath your feet

Cold windows, icy roads, body temperature below zero.
Track Name: Become Empty
Welcome to the now fashionable belief.
It seems we'll fall for anything.
Give me holy water and blood for wine.
Turn your body to bread crumbs so I can eat tonight.

The stone is cold with your ear to the ground,
The truth's hard to find when it's buried so far down.
You brought a shovel? You're gonna need a crane.
It's buried beneath 2000 years of shame.

Cut our clothes from the shape of the cloth.
Not bending knees, not signing cross.

Like well wishes from fevered lips we become empty.
Welcome to the new fashionable belief.